Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lisa & Ian & a Harley Davidson

This clay topper was created for Ian and Lisa who got married on 13th April 2013.
They wanted to be sat on their Harley Davidson in their biking gear with their pet Parrot on the tank.
I started with the bike. The wheels and handlebars.
I then added the detail to the bike.

Next the legs. I wanted Ian's legs to be either side of the bike to add to the stability of the figures.

Next the bodies and heads and finer details.

The parrot I decided would be stronger if it was fitted to the tank. I put two wires into the tank and built the parrot around it.

The club badge was done using a decal, it worked very well. The hardest part was the lettering on the bike.

You could not read the badge on the jumpers very clearly so I did a larger one for the base.

The names were placed on a thin piece of clay and added to the front of the model.

and here we are all suited and booted, wheels polished for the big day.
Thanks for looking, please feel free to leave any comments.


Mariah C said...

Where can I get one and for how much?

judithw said...
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judithw said...

Hi if you would like to order one I would need all the details before I can give you a price. please feel free to email the details to judith.walton@gmail.com prices range from £100 to & £150 depending on what you want. I look forward to hearing from you.