Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Charlotte & Simon Wedding Cake Topper

This clay wedding cake topper was created to sit on the top of the wedding cake for the marriage of Charlotte and Simon who got married on 1st September 2012.

As always I started with the groom, a nice pair of black shoes and his grey morning suit.

Here we have him all kitted out in his suit waiting for the hairdresser to work her magic.

Groom completed, eyes, hair and his glasses. His shoes are all polished and his handkerchief is in his top pocket.

Now for the bride.

Her dress is ivory with lots of detail on the bodice and down the sides. A lot of the detail of the dress would have been lost as the couple were sitting on the cake, so I brought the back of the dress around to the side to show some of the frills and the stitching.

The bouquet is a mixture of Ivory and Lemon Calla Lilies and lime green Orchids.

Here we have the bride with her hair freshly styled and her tiara and veil in place.

Bride completed, all the detail is now on the front and sides of the dress.

The happy couple waiting for their big day.

A photograph of their big day sitting in all their splendour, what a fantastic cake.

A big thank you to Charlotte's Mum for sending me the photograph.

Please feel free to leave any comments.

Thank you.

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