Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bertie Stops Play!

Things have come to an abrupt halt in our house, the new arrival has stopped all crafting. I have tried several times to complete a bracelet, but my tools keep wandering off!

We are sharing our lives and home with Bertie an 11 week old Newfoundland pup. He is adorable.

When he is good he is very good but when he is bad, he is horrific. The energy he has is tremendous for one so small and when he does have his nap you find yourself tiptoeing around in case you wake him, cos five minutes more peace and quiet would be wonderful.

He has us up at 6 am to pander to his whims and we are constantly backwards and forwards to the garden, not that we mind as he has now got the hang of going outside to relieve himself. So if he walks to the door we are quickly on his heels.

He had his first little saunter of a walk today, just to the top of the street and back. A neighbour stopped him for 15 minutes for a little talk and a stroke. Everything is so new to him, cars people, other dogs but he walks confidently on his leader, just occasionally getting ahead of you.

He thoroughly enjoyed playing in the snow, rushing around and picking it up. I think he ate a great deal of it. He has found his bark but does not use it to excess (at the moment!).

So far, and I am keeping my fingers crossed on this one, he is not chewing. He will pick things up when you are with him and have a go, Steve's slippers are his favourite. He will sneak up and pinch one then dash off, of course you have to chase him to get it back. It's all a big game to him, and he is just like a naughty child, anything to provoke a reaction from you.

Bertie has his own blog 'Bertie's Diary Blog', thanks to Lynn who gave me the idea. It will be a good record of how he is growing and developing over the coming months. No doubt, I will be heard to say at some point, "Was he ever that little!"