Friday, May 18, 2007

Our Carrie Anne & Ian

I have my friend Kath to thank for these two models, she asked if I could make a hiker, as her husband is very keen on walking. It was very helpful to know what he wore, this way I could personalise the model and make it special to him, which I hope I have.
The second model Kath asked me to make was for a mutual friend. This was slightly easier, because I know Carrie Anne I could add some little extra touches into it.
So I can now post my last two models, as birthdays and anniversaries have past, presents have been given and I believe they were definitely liked.
This is 'The Hiker', complete with his compass around his neck, his stick to help him on his way and of course his lunch, nice and healthy, a ham & lettuce sandwich, an apple and banana. His backpack holds his essential flask and his map. His stripy rugby shirt took a bit of doing but it does look good on him.

Meet 'Carrie Anne'. Complete with her stripy jumper and knitting needles, she has a lovely scarf on her needles, just right for the winter. I have to add that the glasses were a complete pain to make, I just could not get the sides to match, it took quite a while to get right.

The stripy effect is simply strips of each colour, overlaid one on top of the other and rolled gently to fuse together. You do have to be very careful when lifting and modeling, as it easily comes away and if you press too hard when fusing, the colours can look a bit squashed.