Tuesday, March 27, 2007

From Small Beginnings

My name is Judith and I live in Bishop Auckland with my partner Steve and Oskar, our Rough Collie.
I first became interested in using Fimo Clay approximately 5 years ago when I picked up a book and began flicking through the pages describing the theory behind the craft and how to model and sculpt various items, It gave me the inspiration to ‘have a go’.
My first attempt turned out better than expected and as the story goes ............. I have not looked back. You can see some of my first attempts here.
As you can see one begat another and another and another ............... till I had filled a couple of shelves in the conservatory and there they lived quite happily until the decorating started and they were confined to the attic, I really must liberate them and give them some fresh air once again.

Freddy pictured here, sitting by Millie, did have an ice cream but he seems to have lost it, just in case you think he is licking thin air!

As pretty as a princess.

This is Pansy, along with her pet frog, Fraggle.
They make a hansome couple with her luxurious violet hair and dusky pink dress. Her tights are colour co-ordinated to match her hair and the flowers around her band. Fraggle is a lovely shade of green (he matches her tights). This now sits on my desk at work along with Mickey (in the yellow jumper above). They have also aquired a couple of critters to keep them company.

Pugsley and Peter , you can decide which is which. He guards my desk! gerroff that stapler ................