Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Bit of Everything

Seems ages since I last blogged, been a bit lazy of late, never mind here is a catch up.

Thank you to everybody who rang to ask how I was after my little accident, I am fine, but the car is a little poorly around her back end but I have her booked in for a little op' so she should be fine and dandy in a few weeks time. I am leaving her in capable hands while Steve and I go wandering around Southern Ireland for a week, no doubt we will do a little Guinness tasting while we are there.

What have I been up to since my last blog. Went to the NEC in Birmingham for the Trade Show, I didn't know my feet could ache so much! ouch. The stand was so colourful, it really did look great. I did enjoy it, it was a completely new experience for me as this is the first one I have attended, it was nice to be able to put faces to names of people that I speak regularly to over the telephone.

Saturday 15th March I went along to one of our Crop Day's and spent a lovely few hours putting together a few scrapbook pages, if you have not been to one I can recommend it. We sat and nattered, drank tea, had a lovely cream cake, courtesy of David, Lesley's husband. I started a scrapbook quite a while ago but I keep putting it to one side for other things but when you attend something like this, it does focus you on your project and you do achieve what you set out to do. I don't profess to be a brilliant scapbooker but I was pleased with the end results.

The Wedding photograph is of my parents, sadly only one person from this happy photo is still alive, one of my Aunts. So instead of it being kept in a shoe box somewhere I especially wanted to include it in my book.

One of my recent projects using the silver clay was a brooch, using the All of a Twitter themeplate. I used the largest single bird on the themeplate, Ermintrude, I think the name suits her very well.

This is a silver bar on a very fine silver chain. I traced the design onto paper and transferred it onto a rubber carving block and carefully carved around the outlines. Simple but effective.
Fridge magnet made using stampbord and Ermintrude from All of a Twitter themeplate, she really does lend herself to some great projects.

I am still attending pottery classes and this is my latest project, a wizard. He is still in his unfired state here.

A friend of ours has just celebrated his 65th birthday and he is a fanatical Everton fan, so I did him a card with an Everton footballer in Fimo clay.