Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Meet Vicky and Harvey

Let me introduce you to Vicky and Harvey.

I was asked to make this piece for a Christmas present and was a little doubtful as to whether I could 'do' the rabbit justice. Thought it might end up looking like something from Wallace & Gromit, the Were-Rabbit, but all in all I am very pleased with it. My new toothbrush suffered though, I could not find anything suitable for the whiskers, so I am now missing a few tufts.

Harvey is a little house rabbit and full of mischief and he loves carrots.

Christmas Baubles and Things

Thought you might like to see the Christmas Bauble I made to hang in my window. This was made from a light weight clay, then painted with Ruby Red Pearly powders, mixed with Pearly gum with a good sprinkle of glitter to give it the rough texture. I used the flourish from the themeplate Holly Flourish stamped into white Fimo and very carefully cut around. The back has the wording 'Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly', from the same themeplate. Very ornate.

I had to share with you this photograph of my two furry friends. We went to visit friends in Wigan and popped into Southport for a few hours. What a day, the weather was terrible, the rain was persistent to say the very least, the wind howled and we got soaked through, but these two brought a smile to our faces and despite the weather we had a nice weekend.

I have been attending pottery classes over the past year and finally came home with a couple of things I liked. Meet Terry the Tortoise and Sammy Snowman, Terry is destined for the garden next summer. Sammy, alas will probably go into the attic for next Christmas, unless I can sneak him into the conservatory! On the other hand he will probably look very fetching sitting on the table in the garden next year when we have that scorching hot summer we deserve. When it gets dark I can light the candle in his tummy.
I have only made a couple of pieces of jewellery over the past couple of months, again using the alcohol inks and silver metal beads, which look very effective when combined with the Fimo beads.