Monday, May 11, 2009

Graphicus Open Day's

I had great fun at the Graphicus Open Days last weekend playing with my Melt Pot.

I made a necklace to go with the charm bracelet using a couple of the papers from the Guild pack, one had a golden tone to it, the other black & white. I added some spacer beads from my stash and hey presto! two very wearable necklaces. This technique using paper and wire and dipping it in UTEE was invented by Leandra Franich and is called the 'Leandra Bead'.

I changed the chain on the charm bracelet and made one using jump rings, a Byzantine chain with an inter linking ring to hang the charms.

Another Melt Pot item, a Pendant, made simply by pouring the left over UTEE from another project into the pendant casing. It reminds me of a fossil.

This is a clever idea to get rid of any unwanted seed beads. I put four onto a head pin and dipped them twice, added a small bead to the top and then strung them onto a leather thong with a few spacer beads. I also made a pair of earrings exactly the same to match.

This is a double Byzantine chain, linked together with jump rings. With a watch chain to match.


Jill said...

Yet again - WOW Judith!!!!!

I love them beads. Jo and I had a go at beads today. Took us a while to get going but once we did, there was no stopping us. We ran out of headpins, so Jo came up with the idea of winding wire round the bead first then using that wire as the headpin. It worked a treat!



InkyArtitude said...

Amazing... I love what you're doing with UTEE - look out Suze, Judith's on the scene!
Totally awesome... more please!
Lynn x

acrylik said...

Well, you know I love your UTEE beads - bagsy first on your workshop please ;)

Phree said...

Wow Judith, love the melt pot beads and that byzantine chain is incredible.

The Crafty Chick said...

Nice job on the "Leandra bead" Judith!