Sunday, May 24, 2009


Let me introduce you to Arabella.

Arabella is made from Paverpol, I had seen this demonstrated on Create & Craft a few years ago and thought hmmmm, I could fancy a go at that and then it seemed to disappear and nothing else was said about it.

When we attended the trade show at Birmingham in February we were directly opposite a company called Target International. We got one of their catalogues and there it was. So after a quick Internet search to see who sold it in the UK, I placed my order.

It is a fantastic product, you use 100% natural materials, eg T-shirts, leather, silk etc. You assemble the model around a wire frame which is covered with aluminium foil to pad it out. You then wrap thin strips of material covered in the Paverpol and mummify it. Once dried, this takes about an hour, you can dress it. I had enormous fun doing this, it was lovely and messy. After about five days drying time you can give it two coats of an outdoor varnish and place it in the garden, it is completely weather proof.

I have loads of ideas buzzing around and I have just placed another order with for more. Can't wait until it comes.


InkyArtitude said...

I've seen Arabella in all her glory and she is trully glorious... well done Judith, what an amazing first journey into crafting with Paverpol. I am so impressed with the outcome I can't wait for the next creation... fab!

acrylik said...

I've seen Arabella in all her glory too and agree with Inky's comments. Looking forward to seeing lots more.

Phree said...

Arabelle is lovely - amazing to think she is made from old fabric!