Thursday, April 30, 2009

Crate-a-Pot & Teapotty!

Two projects undertaken at my pottery class.

When it comes to creating an object I can play, play and play. I love to add detail to my objects, whether it is using polymer clay or stoneware. Hence these two. In fact I am sometimes guilty of over detail but with this crate-a-pot, I think I got the balance just right. It is basically just a block of clay spread with a rolled out sheet to represent a table cloth, a vase of flowers was added along with a plate of sandwiches, a teapot and matching cups. A feast for the workers!

Once the glaze is applied, the object comes to life.

A little bit of humour to this one. I wanted it to look like a public loo. I created the block along with the spout and handle and marked the bricks into it. A toilet roll sits on the top ready for use, a huge lump of loo roll is spilling out of the toilet onto the floor.

I have applied the glaze but it does need a firing to give it the shiny glazed look. The wall was done with firebrick red, the toilet will be ivory and the seat grey. The loo rolls will be a creamy colour. I wrote graffiti all over the walls to give it an authentic public loo feel.

I have not seen this teapotty finished as yet. It was fired and put on show in the college with all the others, so I am eager to see exactly how the colours came out. I will post a photo when eventually I get to see it.


Jill said...

WOW Judith these are amazing!!! You are so talented and patient.

I love them!!!



InkyArtitude said...

I love the new additions Judith... specially the 'toilet' humour! I will look forward to seeing them for real and the finished colours on the loo after firing. Great work.... what a tallent!
Lynn x

acrylik said...

Amazing work, such fantastic detail. Hope to see them in the flesh soon.

crafty flossie said...

Another wow. I love the tea pots with humor. It takes me back to visiting the Tea pot factory in Keswick, not sure it's still there. Thanks for the time you spent with me yesterday showing me the UTEE beads and the advice. Clearing my desk this morning so I can play all day. I love the pieces you've made and thanks for posting the pics. I love the idea of a dog blog. As a new puppy owner I think I'll take the time to start one for my little fella Archie. They change so fast and lots of friends ask how he's doing so this would be an ideal way of keeping them updated. I'll keep popping in for new posts. Thanks again. Debbie M.