Thursday, September 08, 2011

Chain Maille Bracelet

It is ages since I have updated my blog, I have been too busy with my new website but in an effort to put this right I thought I would show you my latest jewellery project. Chain Maille.

I got all my jump rings together along with the instructions for the piece I was going to make, Dragonscale. Unfortunately I just couldn't get it together. No matter how hard I looked at it and how many different instructions I looked at I couldn't get it to come right. After two days of getting so far and swearing at the jump rings I began to lose my temper so I decided to attempt another pattern instead. For the sake of my sanity.

This time I managed to complete and here is the evidence.

All set to go.
I knew I was missing one step from getting the pattern right but for the life of me I couldn't figure out what that was. I had to admit defeat on the Dragonscale but I can always revisit it at a later date and have another go.

This is the second attempt of getting something right and thankfully it worked out well. The pattern is a daisy and it has a total of six flowers each with six petals.

The rings are made from non-tarnish wire and come from 
Chain maille rings are not just your ordinary jump rings. These artistic wire chain maille rings are precision made and have the ideal temper for making chain maille designs and come in loads of different colours. You can also buy beginners and advanced books showing you lots of different designs and all come with instructions.

I also want to congratulate my good friend Carrie on her new business venture. You can visit her website on  Affordable web and print design. Carrie is also a very accomplished print maker and dazzles you with the intricacies of her carvings take a look at some of her work I know you will be impressed.


erasercarver said...

I love the bracelet, Judith, absolutely gorgeous.

Thanks so much for mentioning my new venture :)

See you soon!

InkyArtitude said...

What a fabulous bracelet Judith, so intricate.
I've seen it IRL and it's stunning!