Monday, August 01, 2011

Birthday Topper

I was asked to make a Birthday cake topper for a little girl called Lucy. Lucy will be 3 years old at the end of August.  She likes all of the Mr Men and the Little Misses.

I began by deciding which of the bunch to make and finally settled on Little Miss Sunshine for her infectious giggle, Mr Happy as he is always happy, Miss Chatterbox as Lucy is always chattering and you can't get a word in edge ways, Mr Bump as he is so lovable and lastly Mr Tickle who likes everybody around him to laugh and giggle. Here is what I came up with.

Little Miss Sunshine

Miss Chatterbox

Mr Happy

Freshly baked Mr Men, Mr Tickle needs his arms but I need to position them on their base first so I can be sure to make his arms long enough. He wants to be able to tickle Little Miss Sunshine and Mr Bump.

Mr Tickle now has his arms and is tickling his friends. Miss Chatterbox has her shoes all painted and the laces tied and Little Miss Sunshine has fastened her ribbons in her hair.

I have added a lamp post so they can see where they are going and I needed somewhere to position the number three.

This is the back view, haven't the flowers grown well!! Must be good fertilizer.

and finally with the addition of the number three. I have made this detachable so once the birthday celebrations are over it can be taken off and the Mr Men and Little Misses can be displayed on a shelf.

Hope you like it.

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crafty flossie said...

Hi Judith. I'm sure Lucy is going to be a very happy young lady. The way you have stood them together is so clever. Hope you are well.

erasercarver said...

Love them, they are so cute! Lucy will love it, I'm sure.