Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wedding Day

As promised in my last post a preview of the Guest Book that Lesley and I made for my daughter Rachel's Wedding. It turned out beautiful and it was all I hoped it would be. A lot of the guests commented on it as they wrote their messages. There are a few pages left so I am popping in some of the photographs that were taken during the day.

The weather the week before the wedding was atrocious, rain, wind and more rain. We eagerly watched the weather forecast and although they said fine you always wonder if they have got it right. Thankfully they did. The day dawned cold but the sun shone.

Myself and my cousin Maggie rushed about delivering the balloons and decorations to the venue, rushed back to get ready and then rushed to get Rachel and the two bridesmaids ready.

The bridesmaids are David's (Rachel's husbands) two children. The dresses were a mixture of red and russet and when they caught the sun they appeared to change colour.

I was the only one to wear a hat, the others all wore a fascinator but it really added to the outfit and I was pleased that I wore it. Bertie didn't much like the hat he backed away from it and barked, think it was the feather bobbing about. I threatened to wear it sitting in the house if he didn't behave himself!

A proud moment and this photograph made the whole day even more special.

David panicked as Rachel was late, as is the brides prerogative, he thought Rachel had changed her mind, she was standing outside with her Dad having a few tears. She eventually walked down the aisle with tears in her eyes. The youngest bridesmaid took one look at her and burst out crying, she sobbed quietly throughout the whole ceremony but we were on hand to pass the tissues, and use one or two of them myself. When asked 'why', she said it was because she was so happy.

The bouquets and the corsages were stunning.

And this is the motley crew relaxing after the stress of the day.

From right to left Steve's sister Karen and her partner Alan, Steve and myself, my cousin Maggie and her husband Mike.

To Maggie and Mike, thank you for putting up with Steve and I for the weekend.


InkyArtitude said...

It looks like a beautiful day was had by all! Your book is stunning, quite a work of art and I'm sure that it will be teasured dearly.

lisa said...

hi, the book is gorgeoussss, and the wedding looks nice too!
can you please tell me where the door knobs on the book are from...
thank you!

judithw said...

Hi Lisa
The handles, Glenda got from a company that is no longer trading. We got quite a lot of stock at the time but sadly we have no handles left in stock.