Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Happy Couple

My youngest daughter is getting married in 2 weeks, 7th November and I wanted to make something special for them to keep and be reminded of their special day.

Photographs will be taken in plenty and put into albums that eventually will go into drawers and cupboards and only come out on occasions. My thought was something that they would see every day and serve as a constant reminder. So I set about making a Bride & Groom using Paverpol, the idea is once varnished they will sit in the garden and be seen every day.

The Bride

The Bride was a joy to make and only took two hours. Her dress is made from a cotton pillow slip and I mixed Mother of Pearl Paverpol colouring into the Paverpol and it has given it a lovely shimmering effect. I applied lace around the bodice and down the back of the dress. The flowers were bought and I left them grouped together, wrapping some dipped ribbon around the stems to hide the wire.

The hair is made with Paverpol cotton and once dried I dry brushed it to darken the colour.

I made a little tiara out of a few seed beads and wire and stuck it into the hair before it dried.

The Groom

Was a little harder to make. It took me a while to decide just how to go about it and finally I ended up cutting all of the garments out of t-shirt material before I could get started. It was a little like dressmaking without the need for needle and cotton.

I made the top hat with clay and tried coating it with the Paverpol but it just slid off, so I had to take it all off and paint it with black acrylic. I am still not too happy with it and may try to make one out of felt and cover it with the Paverpol.

I chopped a flower from the Brides bouquet and stuck it to his lapel. He does have a grey waistcoat under his jacket but when I laid his jacket onto it the colour seemed to seep up so I covered it with the lapel and just left the bottom of the waistcoat sticking out between the sides of his jacket.

My future son-in-law actually has a very close to the head hair cut but here he has a really good head of hair, mainly to hide the seams on the back of his head. I adopted a little artistic licence when designing them and stressed to my daughter that they were not supposed to be 'look a likes'.

Here we have the Happy Couple linking arms and posing together. Ready to take their place on the table along with the cake.

I am also making their Guest Book with a little help from Lesley, once we get it finished I will let you have a sneak preview.

I have a plea to anyone out there. If you have any old white t-shirts that are over 60% cotton and you are thinking of throwing out, could I have them please. I am running out of the old ones of mine fast.


InkyArtitude said...

Judith, they are totally incredulous... as is everything you produce. This is something to cherish and I'm sure your daughter and new son-in-law will thinks so too. To anyone reading this comment... I've seen the book in process and it is just so elegant, something so special, just like the figurines! Lynn

acrylik said...

Absolutely stunning, Judith, a wonderful memento for your daughter and son-in-law to cherish.

I've seen the book in process too - it's wonderful!

crafty flossie said...

Hi Judith. The figures are beautiful, you are so clever. What sort of supports do they have inside them? I think they'll be to nice to stand in the garden. Hope you all had a lovely day and I'm looking forward to seeing the guest book.
Debbie M.