Sunday, February 01, 2009

Teapots & Bracelets

Finished my latest creation at pottery the other night, a teapot . Not that it will ever hold any kind of liquid, it is a solid block of clay. Brought it home and have yet to find a home for it. Must put it out of the way of the honey monster (Steve's new name for Bertie). I have already lost one of my wizards when he knocked it over. Possibly my fault for standing it on the conservatory floor.

This bracelet is made purely from jump rings. Gold, black and silver. It took a few hours to put together but fairly simple once you got the pattern right. Each pattern piece uses 7 jump rings and depending on how long you want the bracelet determines how many you use. I think this one has about 150 rings altogether.

Close up of the pattern detail, it does look very complicated and intricate but really quite simple to put together.


InkyArtitude said...

That bracelet is totally amazing and even more stunning in the flesh (so to speak)! Another fab piece of pottery Judith, I've heard of Gutter Art but never Sewer Art... there you go again, setting another trend! Fab.

acrylik said...

I really love the teapot! Are you going to make a series of them? And your bracelet is fabulous - loved it when I saw it the other week.

Jill said...

WOW Judith that bracelet is amazing!!! You shouldn't tell anyone is quite simple to put together. You should leave people guessing!!!

Love the teapot too. With it being a piece of solid clay I doubt the honey monster'll be able to break it, but he might manage to snap bits off!!