Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cheeky Chappie, Sore Feet and Crackling!

This little chappie sat on my wing mirror for quite a while, well, long enough for me to get my camera out of my bag and take the photograph. I had just pulled into the car park at work and he fluttered down for a rest, must have been wanting to warm his feet on the heated mirror! You can just see the reflection of the dashboard in the window.

Trade Show 2009, my feet are just recovering, the photograph below was taken on Saturday, during set up. The stand really did look so good and we had lots of compliments about our jackets. Everyone said how well they looked and how they could pick our stand out from all the others. Even other exhibitors commented.

Lynn's mask was a crowd puller and all the art work was complimented.

Lynn and Helen grab a cuppa and a chat during a lull in activity.

The blue in the jackets was so vibrant, Glenda named us the GLOGGS!

Thought you might like to see an old glass vase I have just revamped. Using Viva Croco Crackling Colour, I am so pleased with the result. If using on glass you first need to give it a coat of the Croco Base Coat transparent, I then used a large paint brush and literally slapped the colour on, I used Platinum. The paint needs to be at least 2mm thick for it to crackle but I gave it an uneven coat which I think added to the overall effect. Once dry I rubbed in some of the Metallic Rub-ons to give it a subtle colour. This colour shines through when a tea light is placed inside. It looks really effective when lit.


acrylik said...

Finally managed to catch up on my sleep yesterday - think the feet have just about recovered!

Love the vase - might have to try some of that paint myself.

Jill said...

Judith I love the vase!!

And how lucky are you to have that little chappie land on your wing mirror. He's lovely.