Thursday, August 07, 2008

View from a Window

Now we all know about Health & Safety and the regulations about spending time at a VDU, you need to have time out to adjust your eyes. Well how's this for a nice view to help adjust your eyes.

We have a lovely patch of grass outside our office window and these little creatures come out on an afternoon and sit and munch away to their hearts content or lay sprawled in the grass sunbathing, until of course you shut the window and scare them away. You can have at least a dozen at any one time, the babies are so cute.
I don't think the people who own the allotments are quite so fond of them, they sneak under the fence and eat the veg!

We visited Hamsterley Forest a few weeks ago, we often stop for a picnic, weather permitting. I took a few photographs while we were there. It is a beautiful place to visit.

This has to be my favourite photograph, the piece is called The Green Man. It is carved logs which are placed at intervals, when you are close to them or at a different angle they don't appear to be anything much. It is when you stand away from them directly to the front that you get the true picture. Good eh!

We do have some wonderful scenery up here in the cold North East of England.

Tunstall Reservoir, Wolsingham.

A rainbow that appeared above the rooftops after one of our heavy rain storms and the hot air balloon that followed shortly afterwards.


InkyArtitude said...

Your photo's are beautiful Judith. The Bunnies are soooo sweet and are just perfect 'down time' when life's too hectic and you need a breather. Now, the Green Man! When you go to work tomorrow, ask Glenda for an 'old' stamp catalogue. We actually have that stamp, it's one of Paddy's favourites!
PS: I also think you need a Bind-It-All, you could do some fantastic pieces with it.

acrylik said...

Beautiful pics, I love the one with the autumnal leaves, especially.

I agree with Ms Inky - you *need* a Bind-It-All!