Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Collection is Growing!

I really thought when I received these watch faces they would be too big and look ungainly but when the bracelet was added it looks stunning. There is a lot of detail in the watch.

The clasps really do finish them off. I have posted them larger than I would normally, just to show the detail on the face. The beads are a pinky colour and silver spacers have been used between.

This is the same style of face but in an antique gold. There are two kinds of beads used, wooden and hematite. The thread was knotted to form a circle in the bracelet, this gives it a nice detail rather than straight.

And, I have made some little BIA books to take with me to Wolsingham Show, thought the children might like them. I have made quite a few more and I did not mess up one wire, I think I may have got the hang of it now. I spent two nights making these nice little notebooks. Just right for going back to school!


acrylik said...

Those watches are absolutely beautiful.

What a great idea for the books for Wolsingham show! Maybe take a few blank ones with you and some extra alphabet pieces so you can easily make up a custom book?

InkyArtitude said...

Oh those beautiful watches.... I've seen them for real and they are 'stunning'.
Love the little BIA note books, how cute are they? Hope the show goes really well for you Claggy!