Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Feathers, Glitter and Paint

Feather Blend

Made by feathering your sections of clay with a cocktail stick and cutting into triangles, rolling from the widest section as seen below.

Three different sized beads were used in the necklace. The larger rolled triangle, a small round and a tube. Alternating the beads as they were threaded.

One of the more complicated sets I have made contains black acrylic paint, silver leaf and glitter.

This also has a very pleasing texture. Made using layers, one of which was covered with the paint, another with the glitter and another with the silver leaf. It was then compressed and sliced and used to make the necklace and the charm bracelet. The photograph does not do this justice, it really does glitter and catch the light.

Paint is a very good medium for Fimo Clay. I have used the Stewart Gill Metallica paint on unbaked clay, in a swirling pattern using varies colours. Once baked a coat of varnish was applied to protect the piece. A very nice effect.

Don't be frightened to try different mediums with the clay, you will be surprised at some of the effects you can achieve.

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