Sunday, September 16, 2007

Beads & Alcohol Inks

What a fantastic effect this gives. The beads are made from translucent white Fimo, rolled to the required size and fired. I usually spike the bead on a cocktail stick so it is easier to hold and have to hand a piece of polystyrene to stick this into to dry. Load your felt applicator with your choice of colours and away you go. Just dab the bead. You will find that the ink will form it's own veins. I then dribbled a small amount of the copper mixative and gave the cocktail stick a quick swirl and hey presto! this is the result. You can see the fine veins on the close up, they look rather like marbles. The colours are not done justice in the photograph, they are very vibrant.

Again the bars were made with translucent white Fimo and coloured.
These pieces are not varnished, they have a natural lustre.

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Lynn W. said...

How lovely! I like using Alcohol inks and Stewart Gill Paints but haven't tried them on Fimo yet. Thanks for sharing your inspirational artwork with us.