Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I have over the last month or so created some of the models for friends depicting their occupations, so far we have, a painter and decorator, a fireman and a pidgeon fancier. On the horizon there is to be a doctor, a hiker and possibly a plasterer. My customer service person could also fit into this catagory as could the teacher.

A couple of years ago I made two little monks for my sister, she collects wizards and dwarfs etc, so the Mad Monks fit into her collection quite nicely.

Singing from his hymn book, the hardest part of this model was getting his hood to ‘flow’ correctley.

This ‘naughty’ monk has had a little too much of the communion wine!

Winsome Witch pictured here was a special favourite with her multi coloured tights and snazzy star dress. She did not remain in my collection for very long, she was bought for a birthday present.

Christmas is an excellent time to show off your talents with Fimo, you can make tree ornaments, candle holders etc, the sky is the limit.Last year I discovered a new type of clay, Sculpey Ultralite and once baked this can actually float and will not bend the boughs of your tree. The angel is an example of a tree ornament that I made last year. These were incorporated onto Christmas cards. It being so light it does not bend your cards.

The Santa, I could not bear to put him away, so he sits on a shelf all year round.

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