Thursday, April 26, 2012

Puppies & Butterflies

It has been a long time since I last posted anything on my blog. I am afraid I have been too busy with other things. If we haven't been DIYing in the house I have been in the study with clay creating another wedding topper. (More info can be found on

But for this post I thought I would share with you my polymer clay puppies and my kaleidescope of Butterflies. I suppose this could be used on the top of a birthday cake or perhaps a paperweight to give your desk a bit of colour. For the moment this is going to sit on the coffee table in the conservatory and then when we do eventually get a bit of sun in the North East it will catch the colours shimmering on the Butterflies. Another idea would be to pop them into your plant pots along with your plants to brighten them up.

First the puppies.

This is Flip and the one below is Flop!

This is a photograph of Jenson a German Shepherd who featured on my latest wedding topper for James & Kate.

This kaleidoscope of Butterflies was just a fun idea I had and it gave me a few hours of relaxation just sitting here and painting them.

I placed the wires in the back and bent them around a paint brush to give them a spring. Two small pearls and a larger one were placed on the top of the wire and a pair of antennae on their heads.

I made nine in total.

I painted them with Stewart Gill and metallic paint.

Lastly I made a base out of a lump of scrap clay, covered it with imitation silver leaf and when it was fired gave it a coat of alcohol ink then water based varnish. When it was dry I threaded a load of seed beads onto thin wire and then wrapped them around the base. If it was going to be made as a cake topper I think a heart shape would have been more suitable.

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