Sunday, November 20, 2011

Another Holiday, Another Cat

Just had a week in Lanzarote soaking up the sun and yet again Steve found a friend. He is not a great lover of cats so why do they take to him so much. It followed him all over the complex.

This poor cat who we christened Fang had a bit of a deformed chin, it was much larger than it should have been and the two front canine teeth were longer than normal, one even came half way down his chin and he found it difficult to pick things up off the floor. He wasn't a skinny cat and he was very friendly, in fact he would sit by your side and lift his paw as if he was begging.

The complex Las Tabaibas was well looked after very clean and tidy and we were very central to shops, bars, restaurants etc and the sun shone the whole week just at the right temperature. Bliss, wish I was back there now.

The old town habour.

View from the patio.

The pool which was deserted much of the week making it nice and peaceful.

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