Thursday, March 17, 2011

Football Fans

Here we have the start of a football supporters wedding. Introducing Dad and son.

As you may have guessed by this photograph the team they support is Newcastle United, but it could just have easily been Sunderland or Everton, the choice would be yours. He is clutching his football just in case he gets the chance of a quick kick about either before or after the ceremony and he has donned his bobble hat.

oops in his haste he has forgotten to tuck in his shirt.

Dad is all spruced up but he wouldn't be complete without his Newcastle United scarf.

and here we have the pair of them together, are they going to a football match or a wedding? We will see what the bride has to say about that shortly!

and here she is, not quite ready yet a few stages to go.

With matching flowers!

She is wearing her hair up for the occasion and has added a diamante hair band.

Here we are ready for the big day and possibly the football match later.

Hope you like them.

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erasercarver said...

They look absolutely fab, Judith, I love the details, especially the shirt hanging out of the back!