Sunday, November 28, 2010


I began by stamping the Butterflies onto the back of the wood icon, got my tool up to heat then promptly burned my arm. I still bear the scare.

With tongue hanging out for concentration I eventually managed to burn the design into the wood. I did find it a bit off putting when you hit a knot in the wood and you 'skipped' somewhere that you didn't want to be.  The tool did get a bit too hot and you had to switch it off every now and then.

I coloured them using Promarkers then gave them about five coats of a water based varnish.

I intend to put photographs on the other side eventually.

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crafty flossie said...

Hi Judith. These are very clever. Your talent is endless. I love the smell of the singed wood. My cousin used to make eggs and egg cups before he moved to Canada. It shows that stamps can be used in so many ways.
Stay warm and take care