Saturday, July 17, 2010



My work published in a magazine, I never thought I would see the day, my name in print and with the word 'Designer'.

The Magazine is 'Creative Beads & Jewellery', Issue 1 featured my Devinely Dotty Polymer Clay Bracelet.

In issue 4 you can find my Cupcake Tiara, this was made for the Graphicus Birthday Bash and worn proudly for the two Open Days. I then sent it along to the magazine so they could photograph it. I will pop photographs on my blog when it is returned to me.

I couldn't believe it, a two page spread.

A close up of my printed name and the word 'Designer' alongside for all to see! 

I may proudly leave these magazines on my coffee table for anyone who pops in for a cup of tea, I can then casually leave them open at the appropriate page.

Showing off .................. yes I think I might be.


Val said...

Wow - this is really great - but then I think your stuff is amazing, and you deserve every bit of that sort of publicity.

Well done!!

veronica said...

Your book is gorgeous Judith, and I love the tiara! Congratulations on both articles

crafty flossie said...

Oh wow. Well done Judith. You are such a clever lady. Your wedding album is beautiful and such a keepsake. I love your tiara, I didn't see it on the open day. I like the way you've wrapped the wire for the beads. Well done again. Debbie M

erasercarver said...

Yay! Fantastic :) Here's to many more of your pieces being published :)