Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Melt Pot and Eastern Grasses

Just some of the lovely things you can do using the Melt Pot, Memory Frames and Glass.

I used clear UTEE and added Pearl UTEE into the Melt Pot once the clear had melted. It gave a lovely shimmer when poured.

You will find that the first pour is very light and it will gradually darken the longer it sits in the Melt Pot but you can get some very interesting effects from this.

A small amount of colour has been added to the glass before stamping.


veronica said...

Judith, these are really lovely - wish I could make it to the workshop!Love the shimmer effect

Val said...


I just love this. Makes me want to get a melt pot and have a got at some other stuff as well.


cruisegirl60 said...

Judith, I have been making these using just the frame and pouring Utee but your notes seem to imply that you use the glass over the Utee and stamp the glass. I would love to do this but for me the Utee is to thick to then put the glass on top and I am wondering how you achieve that. Could you confirm you stamp the glass?

cruisegirl60 said...

Having a bit of trouble with this. Would you confirm that you pour the Utee into the frame, let it set and then stamp the glass and insert the glass into the frame. Thank you

judithw said...

Hi use stazon ink and stamp onto your glass. put your glass into the frame with the stamped side upper most. Pour your utee into the frame on top of the stamped side glass the frame will hold the utee. this bit is the most difficult pour slow and steady. Allow to cool before touching.
Hope this helps.

judithw said...

yes I do stamp onto the glass first.