Monday, October 20, 2008

Twisting the Day Away!

We held a Wire Jewellery Workshop at Graphicus on the 11th October, if you have looked at the Graphicus blog you will have seen all the marvellous jewellery that was crafted during the day. If not then I have posted some of the photographs here.

We had a wonderful day twisting and turning, adding beads and glitz. Everyone enjoyed producing their pieces of jewellery. You would be staggered at the amount of variations you can achieve with a wire jig and a few beads.

There was a lot of concentration going on and a few finger nails were chipped but I think they thought it all worthwhile. I think we may have a few budding wire twisters here.

They inspired me to come home and try something new in the way of twisting wire.

My daughter is getting married next year and she is on the lookout for jewellery to compliment her dress. This is my first attempt. It does look quite delicate. It is 18gauge wire twisted free hand. A wire wrap is made at the top for the chain and then the beads are added to the wire. Next you twist and bend the wire to the shape that pleases you. Remember to place the beads where you want them as you bend otherwise you may not be able to move them when you have finished. Wire is twisted around the pearls for the earrings and finished with a wire wrap for the hook. The pearls are the same colour but they look darker in this photograph.

This bracelet is done with an 18 gauge antique gold wire, it really does look very effective. I have joined the links with a single matching bead and wire wrapped it to each link.

Emma's birthday bracelet was done by twisting a frame for the main part of the bracelet and then beads were strung between the loops. A bead is wire wrapped, and this forms the link to fasten it all together. It is a bit fiddly to wire wrap the bead to the link but it is an effective way to join the bracelet together.

Now what colour will Denise want for her birthday!

I may be inspired to try a tiara next!


InkyArtitude said...

Ooooooo... it's all so lovely. The results the class achieved is down to you - well done! Emma's bracelet is beautiful and I know she will love it as for the tiara, I think it's a great idea.
Why don't we set a 'challenge in the work place'. We all have to make a crown or tiara of wire, solder, bling and glitz, whatever you like working with and we have a christmas event day at work where we all wear our finery! It would be such fun. You up fer it?

Phree said...

Beautiful jewellery, the twisted wire pieces look so delicate and pretty.

Jill said...

Judith, your jewellery is just stunning!!!

I love Emma's bracelet and the free hand necklace.

I'd already seen the results of the workshop (I'm so jealous we couldn't come as I said today, but hopefully if / when you do the next one we'll be there!!).

Its wonderful to see some other crafting apart from papercraft. Although I love that, I love to see other talents people have and you certainly have many talents!!

Lots of love