Tuesday, July 15, 2008

An Evening with Sir Elton John

On July 5th, Steve and I went to Darlington Football Club to see Sir Elton. Wow, what a show, he was brilliant.
The day dawned wet and miserable, in fact it did not stop raining till we got there at 5.30 pm. The show was due to start at 7.30 pm. The sun shone throughout the performance, in fact you had to shield your eye's at one point to see anything. We were some distance away but my trusty little Canon took some great photo's and video. He came on to rapturous applause at 7.30 pm and did not leave the stage until 10.30 pm. He sang all his hits, the audience sang along with him and at one point he stood with his foot on his piano stool waiting for everyone to sing. He congratulated Darlington on their new stadium and said he didn't think he would ever visit it as a concert venue, he had visited the old one when he was with Watford Football Club.

Richard Fleeshman was supporting Elton . I think he sang for about an hour before I realised who he was. Oh yes, it's him from Corrie!

It was a great night, I only hope more concerts are held at this venue but how do you top Sir Elton, well perhaps by Rod Stewart!

We had nothing but praise for the way the whole show was organised. Once in Darlington several park & rides were in operation making it easy to get both to and from the venue. We had none of the usual traffic hold up's going home, straight onto the bus, back to the car park and out. Fantastic.

And we even had our photo's in the paper. Not that we realised we had had them taken, that's why I was pulling a face, squinting into the sun, honestly, I wasn't pulling faces at the photographer, in fact we did not even see him. So pleased I wasn't doing something I shouldn't!

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InkyArtitude said...

I am so pleased that the weather was kind to you. I must admit to a pang of sorrow at not being there too. Your pics and video clips have really captured the flavour of the event and what a coup for Darlington! You were at the first non-footballing event to be held at the stadium and what a prestigious event!
If Rod's up for it... put my name down for tickets will you?